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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 26, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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brave. >> it is time for the question of the day responses and we asked you about this. we wanted to know what you do with unwanted gifts. do you return them or regift them in >> give to charity. someone may need an ugly scarf. >> and tiler from philadelphia . i always regift it. one man's trash is another man's treasure. keep the comments coming and let's check in and we'll mention with our tech guru. craig morris will be here and he will answer the questions of the gadgets for christmas. e-mail or tweet us your answers tomorrow. >> so many people got ipads. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day. that luckily that guy is sitting to the left of me. it is wednesday, december
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26th. i am gretchen carlson, thank you for spending your post christmas day with us. president obama cutting christmas vacation short and heading back to washington before we fall off of the fiscal cliff . can a deal be reached. >> a deadly winter storm unleashing snow and tornados . now thousands ever cleaning up and holiday travelers are stuck. i am tracking where the storm ised hading next. >> thank you, rick. take the gift card and hit the stores this morning. wait until "fox and friends" is over and then leave. "fox and friends" begins right now. "fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, i am gretchen carlson we are joined by clayton morris .
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rick as well . these are great guys, but clayton, because he is a tech guru of folks news and here to help all of us today. >> tech support this morning f. you have tech-related questions. send them and i will attempt to answer them all. i answered all of them. my wife said what are you doing on twitter? i said i am helping me. >> gretchen: we have big storms brewing and rick, you are aptly sitting to the right of me and you will help people get out of town. >> 30 tornados and a big one in mobile, alabama and more tornados and a blizzard. i will try to give you your forecast it is more complicated than tech support. but you can tweet me as well. >> it is interesting to see if the president's flight is cancelled.
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>> gretchen: we'll talk about that. say aloha in hawaii. president obama will return early from his family's vacation and get back to worth work on the fiscal cliff. peter doocy is live with more on the vacation cutting his vacation short. >> the president will get one more full day of sunshine in hawaii befored hading back to dc. air force one is expected to leave 10:00 p.m. where he is. 3:00 a.m. eastern time and that will get him back thursday morning where he & and speaker boehner need to figure out how to bridge a 400 million dollar gap in their positions to avoid the fiscal cliff. the last time we heard from the president, he thought a break would benefit and bring lawmakers together. to make a difference >>
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everybody can cool off and drink egg nogand have christmas cookies and sing christmas carrolls and enjoy the company of loved ones and ask every member of congress when they are back home to think about that. think . obligations of people who cent us here. >> speaker boehner is expected to return to dc any time he with drew the republican plan b deal that extends tax cuts to everyone under millionaire. he was confident that the cliff could be avoided last time we heard from him. >> of course, hope springs eternal and i know we have in us to come together and do the right thing. we'll work on a plan to protect families and small
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businesses. >> and so there is time for a in person meeting. >> we are getting some twitter for rick. what is new york city looking like with a nor'easter on thursday. i want to know the answer on that. deadly storm system that pounded the midwest with storm and thousands of tornados heading northeast this morning. oh, my god. that is a tornado. oh, wow. oh, jesus, look at that tornado. >> gretchen: that funnel cocloud was spot indeed mobile, alabama and 10s of thens of people now without power. >> i prayed to god as loud as i could . praying for my safety and i knew and prayed that the truck stayed put and god would
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protect me. the brutal winds tossed the cars on top of each other and left the neighborhood a complete disaster. >> i never saw one in real life and just to be able to hear one, it is it a mile from where we are. it pretty amazing. toppled treese ended up killing two people in texas and louisiana. oklahoma got about seven inches of snow in that state . the weather was to blame for a massive car pile up on interstate 40. a woman died in another highway crash nearby. >> we talked about the flights all over the u.s. are cancelled . logan international airport in boston is affected. that is where wfxt is there. how is it looking this morning? it looks like a ghost town at this hour.
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it is it still pretty early . we have a lot of people waiting to go to warmer destinations. there are a are handful of flights that are come going and those were cancel would and also flights that are coming in from columbus cancelled as well the wiptir storm is wreaking havoc . they're cancelled or delayed. it dumped snow in parts of texas and oklahoma . now there is it a blizzard warning in affect . that is pushing through pennsylvania and new york and coming to new england and the big problem will be tomorrow and thursday and we'll experience heavy wind and rain . here in logan airport is not a huge problem for us .
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we are not experiencing precipitation. it is it flights going to or coming from places that are affected. that is it a problem, too. live in logan. now a major u.s. military base coming under attack in afghanistan. that is in pakistan . nato said the homicide bomber did not make it inside . >> and investigators and the christmas scene ambush where two firefighters died. there was another victim found inside of this home . the body believed to be the missing sister of excon william sprangler. her brother set a deadly trap for first responders and planned the details in a chilling note. new 911 calls. >> shot at .
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i think it is an assault rifle. multiple firing down. cops say there were no clear motive in spangler's suicide note but he wanted to kill as many people as possible. >> obama administration may be expanding the mortgage to include more. the expansion will be for homes not back bide the government and under water. 22 percent of all homes with a mortgage were under water in june . another plan would transfer risk air loans to fannie mae and freddie mac. taxpayers supports both of those companies. jessica simpson is expecting another baby . she tweeted a photoof her daughter that said big sis.
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the announcement comes 7 months after giving birth to her first child. >> she struggled with all of that weight loss afterwards . she was a spokesperson and now here we go again. >> didn't she tweet a picture out of her new body. >> just about. and you are going to twet a picture of the post pregnancy body. >> i love to hear guys talk about that. >> post christmas and riflect on the gifts we gave and got. we want to hear from you. what were the best gift worst gifts that you got. do it anonymously . you got something from the inlaws that you department like. i have to say, i loved and got a coffee grinder that i wanted and burr coffee grinder and we need delicious coffee and it sits there on the countertop. >> you brew your coffee before
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you come in. >> you do? >> it is fantastic. you will never go to a convenience store again. >> that means you have to get up additional 20 minutes earlier. >> gretchen: that's not what i do. >> i rather have 20 more minutes. >> i have not bought go gifts yet. >> gretchen: i love this about rick. >> i bought my first on line gift ever yesterday. clayton had a coupon code which i didn't know they existed and i have purchased a gift but i am going home to arizona and we are exchanging on sunday and i have time to do my shopping. >> gretchen: he's probably smartest guy and going to get eye. i got an ipad mini and you are my new best friend. i need your help. >> i will worry - answer them. clayton morris and i will
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answer your tech related questions. send in your best gifts . remember the four state department official it is who are supposed to be out of a job after the benghazi bungle. they are about to come to work. >> edging close to the fiscal not erch will glet slammed in the top of the new year. top ceo's are already wiping big. ♪ ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right
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tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie. what's in your wallet? hut! i have me on my fantasy team. >>we'll wait it see what lawmakers can do. many companies stide to pay shareholders gifts in what is known as dividend tax rate. who are the corporate winners. editor of real clear
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markets.comjohn tamy . welcome to the show. >> yes, thank you. >> break this down for us. what is exactly going on with the top ceo's getting the tax break before thepped of the year? >> it is a reminder what calvin coolige said. governments target big next they tend to disappear. top ceo's are not allows themselves to be fleeced by the federal government. they will move and come aand shift it in 20 12 to avoid massuv tax increases in 2013. capitol curnly 14 -- 15. it is stocks and bonds and currently at 15 percent and president obama wants to raise it to 39 percent in >> yes, it will go back up to 39 percent andine that doesn't tell the
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full story. the obama care surcharge. it will rise up to 43.4 percent. it is a massive from year to year and explains why companies and ceo's are accelerating what does it mean for people going forward. we heard apple trying to bring a few job back to the united states. will this further push companies out of the united states? >> well, it will pub them out and do something worse. purpose of difdeppeds are corporations that are long on cash and distribute it to the shareholders can get it to the companies of tomorrow and don't have the money to grow and innovate . you are seeing it with las
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vegas sands. they announced a pay out and moved it up so they can save three and 31 million in taxes. you can see it with win-resorts. special dev dend so that steve wyn saved 21 million and larry elison third richardson accel brated difdepped payments that -- dividend payments that saved him money . what it means for growth down the line. corporations will retain earnings rather than distribute them and companies of tomorrow will not get the funds they need to jim walton of walmart four million from dividends. they are top guys pulling the money out. when you look at investment dollars. we have seen so much fluxation
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in the stock market. stuart varney said it was an effort to cash out some of the money because they don't know what is happening next year. it proves the basic point. you raise taxes you are not raising revenues. most people will respond to thes . they are not sure and look at walmart. it is the walton family that is the richest family in the united states. they initially planned dividend pay out for january 2nd . uncertainty about the fiscal cliff. they are moving up it is yet another example of how we get around this. i would point out when companies are not paying out
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the dividends, it means we get waste we don't like. instead they spend on offices and private jets and otherwise they might have distributed those funds much >> yes. john tamny, have a great new years. >> and coming up on the show . how late is too late to get your kids eating right? >> and other questions from parents looking for a healthiier new year for their kids. ready to buy a home? we'll show you where to get the most of your money. top towns to buy in now. ♪
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quick headlines. we were told they resign or put on leave for not doing their jobs. the failure that led to the benghazi terror attack. but four state department employees will be allowed back
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on the job. they are still on the pay roll. he was not home for the holiday. george bush and his wife barbara joining mehim for a special chinese dinner . >> gretchen: we make the resolution for the new year and most important one to make is raising happy and healthy kids. joining me is dr. mary ellen rena. >> good morning. >> gretchen: hard to believe that we are talking about resolutions . hopefully people can make them and stick to them. spectacularly talking about kids. how do we make eat healthier? >> it is a difficult task and what i tell other parents, if you get kids to eat fruits and vegetables and go through four steps. you put broccoli in front of a
3:24 am
child they will sit down and eat it and they will give you resistance and first step is to anticipate. in the busy world what parents need to do is be stuck five minutes before dinner time. let me run to mcdonalds and anticipate and prepare and think about what you are going to make the kid and make sure they are health yewell balanced and second one. eliminate. eliminate the jurching food. you can't have junk food in the house to teach them . educate the kids and tell them why it is important to eat well . teach them about good eating and what is good about the veg tannels and be smarter and have more energy. >> i find myself doing it with the milk. you are talking about the calcium and the teeth . i participate and thrameeps parents also -- respiratory >> it is not involved and not
3:25 am
eating fruits and vegetables. >> and exercise is so important. you say to add to the daily routine. you talk about tech gifts . you got to get outside and run around. >> tike bite-sized pieces of the you can't expect a parent to go home and exercise with my child for an hour. you take five or 10 minutes and walk the dog and getting outside in the cold weather is a beautiful thing. people tend to stay inside. get outside and walk the dog and play with the ball or inside, do sit am've ups and push ups with the children. it is not unreasonable. it is mommy me time and daddy time with the kids. >> i saw a couple of jumping jacks .
3:26 am
improve their emotional health. >> parents need to be better displinarians. it is children that are not disciplined properly . parents . to be their children's friends. you want to be their parents and you have to stop and give guidelines and discipline them and tell them know and have a consequence if they disobey. i saw the movie about parental guidance and they take over the grand kid and they lock heads with the kids. do you find resistance when you tell parents that? >> i think it is difficult for young parents say no and follow through with the consequences. i have to interrupt the parents and say when a child said i want a lollipop and the parent said no. i want a lollipop .
3:27 am
the parent said no again. how many times are you responding. you say no one time and if they continue to badger you. there is a consequences or otherwise it is it ineffectual. she will help you kick off your new year in a healthy way. >> thank you. >> nasty winter weather spawning tornados and blizzard over christmas. rick will be tracking the storps for all of us, next. >> we'll call him senator affleck. the star making a run. >> and happy birthday to chris daughtery. he is 33 today. ♪
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do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> iff you ever lost your wedding ring. a guy lost his wedding ring while putting on snow. they searched the area for hours and hopes that the owner will the come forward . he didn't get his name and address . the owner drove a white suv .
3:31 am
said lisa fifth june 2010. >> he's probably hoping for a big reward. >> did you see the guy who jumped in after the woman . >> he lost his ring . >> when he was trying to save the woman's life. >> let's do headlines this morning . six : 30 on the east coast. >> oil prices are going to soar. president obama said he will come back early to work on a fiscal deal. lawmakers will be able to reach a deal. if there is a deal it will be a slight economic improvement . failing to reach a deal means massive tax hikes and spending cuts. oil prices dropped over concerns about the cliff. >> i take a sip of coffee.
3:32 am
>> voting in favor and banning americans from adopting russian children x. goes to vladimir putin. it is part of a pressure of angry lawmakers retailiating and call would for sanctions against russians. its like no senate run in ben affleck's future. he will not run for john kerry's senate seat. he said he's staying out of the political ring. heart warming video of a alabama football fan getting a christmas gift he will never forget. we are going to the game. that's great. danual buchanan surprising his
3:33 am
father to a bcs title game . the game is january 7th. >> best gift ever i think. >> it is bigger if it is notre dame. and that is true. >> video from amarillo, texas. noble texas in the texas panhandle with four inches reported . cross i-40 major problems there yesterday. look at the weather map. a lot is going on. look at dallas waking up to 23 . 12 in kansas city. cold air since last january. see that warm pocket in georgia and carolinas and florida . that is today . same storm now and pulling east and toward the north . we'll see severe weather in the east. we'll show you that in a second and look at where heavy snow in missouri and about to taper off there and southerp
3:34 am
illinois and indiana. that is extreme wind and because of that blizzard warnings posted there. severe weather . bull's eye of red and northern part of the coastal areas of south carolina and north carolina coast. threat of the big tornados today . we saw them yesterday . we'll see a chance for more today. cold side of the storm snow in ohio valley . a lot of these people need snow. they haven't had it for a long time. it makes traffic bad but it is helpful to the crops. >> much of the day tomorrow. heavy rain and a lot of places to see over a fot of snow and it is it a windy storm as well. big problems in the airports, unfortunately. gretchin for the morning. i have a flight today and you tomorrow a. and a lot of them are backed up . we have snow in new york and transition into rain.
3:35 am
we'll see a significant no maker and there is another storm saturday night and sunday. >> so new years we could be seeing. >> probably a white new years. it will not be snowing on new years but likely snow on the. >> thank you, rick. >> is it time to answer the tech questions? >> i will answer your tech related questions and be ares. coming to you live. >> and you are free. >> i am free at clayton morris . midnight tonight mine goes up. it affects a lot of people. yours first. >> if you have an apple computer like a laptop and itunes account. how many devices can you link to that one account? if you want your kids itouch to have the same music and apps. >> there used to be a 10 device limit per itunes
3:36 am
account. you can put your kid's device on your computer and your ipad and your husband's ipad and all of you want one account. there is a 10 device limit per itunes account . you can have multiple itunes account and be unlimited and so one credit card is tied to that only 10 device. >> that's a lot. >> that is a lot. but they have old ipad touches and from five or six years ago . so now, you can go to the account settings and delete old ones that you are not using anymore. here is one. i had an ipad and scared to browse the internet because i can't get anti-stuff installed. paul, dough no you don't need antivirus and make sure in settings menu. pop up support and blocks pop ups from coming up .
3:37 am
clear your cookies and stuff out of there on a regular basis. don't click on a link from someone you don't know. clicking on links and e-mails and browsing to internet sites from people we don't know . thos the way to recommend it and i never gotten a virus in ipad. i don't know if you can. just be careful there . accepted them in on clayton moros on twitter. >> interest rates hitting two nows. 2013 may be the best time to buy a new home. here with a place to look is brian lewis. >> good morning, rick. >> real estate is a bright spot in our economy. >> it is the thing to get us out of it >> i am an optmist. >> why do you think it is so good.
3:38 am
>> did you rememberlet 18 percent . can we talk three or lower than that. that is incredible. money is on sale it is a great opportunity if you have access to the credit. we are seeing a trend and unemployment is going down and job growth is going up . certain communities are my top picks of twen13. starting with snowfall. virginia, i am a virginiian. i love charlottesville. >> and tell us what is going on there. >> right now, they are seeing unemployment rate is outperforming . 4. 5 unemployment rate. buy versus rent breakine break down guys. i figured out by the way of i figured out exactly how long you would have to own for it to make sense and putting out
3:39 am
all of thoyce closing cost and purchase . how long would you have to hold that property for it to outperform what it costs to rent the property. it is it buy versus rent ratio. it is low there. it is listing a terrific six bedroom for 6.99 . in charlottesville you have inventory that is lower than 8,000 . it is look the napa valley of east coast. it is gorgeous. >> olympia, washington. going out to the west coast. >> that's right. they call it ali . it is it another area where unemployment 6.9 percent and down from sen.7. it is trending down. and buy versus rent break. strong resale market and i picked tup and it was sitting on the market for a while it
3:40 am
is got a lot of good, stuff. it has a detached garage that is perfect for a shop and got nice qualities to it and there is real opportunity there as well will we'll go to madison wisconsin. >> lake they have a big beer festival. 4.1 percent. olympian has a great one . now we see it okay . and a college town. and the college town. there is a theme here. think about it. we have a lot of transient in a college town and turn over
3:41 am
three of the four are capitol city. and boston and cambridge and 6.1 percent unemployment and it is trending down word. >> it is it a negative . so owning there. there is it inventory to stop up . rick. did you have something in boston. >> i did in cambridge. you are saying fewer distressed and foreclosures and short sales . >> success wave. knock on wood. we haven't seen it we heard about it and i talked about it on fox business on charrle casone's show. they talked about it five or six years and thank goodness we are not seeing it we are seeing if you have acess to the credit you have great opportunity and it is tighter
3:42 am
than it is been in continue years. here in new york, that was my number one pick city. i live here and that's how i make my money. opportunity is knocking. it is cheap and is it loosening up a little. if you have a great job and credit score and then you have acess to the credit. we see unemployment rates falling. we'll have more people able to buy the house and get to the credit and in a tighter market . so i think now if you can jump on the great interest rates and go this is your opportunity. you will have more competition soon. we don't have the inventor yethere is a dearth of conbecause people are afraid. bring it on 2013. >> gretchen: we covered the
3:43 am
country. >> happy new year. >> coming up on "fox and friends". let film that follows the hunt for osama bin laden. >> you believe the story. osama bin laden? >> yeah. what part missed you. the confidence. >> cia is said it missed manage huge. former cia operative next. >> hot temper could be good for your health . ♪ ♪ [ both ] people loved our weddi slide show.
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neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> welcome back. quick headlines for you. fda warning that bad botax may be shipped to 350 clinics in the u.s.. rick are you listening? the batches from supply canada drugs are not approved and can't assure the effectiveness or safety. and can you relate to this guy? >> i am mad as hell and not going to take this anymore. >> never . it turrence out if you have a short temper it may help you live longer. people who express anger
3:47 am
instead of bottling it in add two years to their lives. >> gretchen: i didn't know if i missed something on the weekend. i don't catch every minute. is this an inside joke. >> you know with botox you cane see the surprise. nothing moves. >> really. >> gretchen: yeah, i can. >> everything moves here. >> okay. >> gretchen: i found out my forehead had a weird thing that i can't get botox. for all of you out there who want to think i have. i can't, i can't. i will get old likelet rest . one city hardest hit by twitters was alabama, mobile there. we find our reporter ha life good morning. >> good morning, you guys. that's right a rare christmas
3:48 am
day tornado and we are dealing with the aftermath. a large twister that hit the ground and came through one of the most populated areas of mobile, midtown and several miles through there. and a path of devastation . we are lucky that at this point we are told there are no major injuries. we are thank employ. we are in front of the trinity episcopal church. there is roof damage. a portion of it knocked down the wall on the side of the church. the rear of the building is ripped down. we have power outages and at the height. 26,000 people without power . we understand that 14,000 have had that power restored and still a number without power. you can see the tree behind me ripped out of the ground three feet above its trunk.
3:49 am
we still have police and roads are closed because of this type of scenario . a lot of debris and no power to this part of the city still. we are waiting for daylight to come and we are getting a better gauge on what kind of debris is still littering the streets and damage to the homes and yards . once again we want to say there are no serious injuries involved in all of this . we understand from mobile fire rescue there was a family of 7 four adults and three children had to be transported to the hospital because was car bon monoxide. they were running a generator inside of the house. don't do that. and make sure it is in a open area. that's the situation now . we are waiting for daylight . we ourselves lucky at this point. but it ruined christmas for a lot of folks on the evening hours of christmas day.
3:50 am
>> if you have a second. having a large tornado, did you get enough warning time and sirens go off? i know the local stations were covering it up. having that big of a tornado and not that many significant injuries you had warning? >> sirens did sound in mobile county. we were on the air and our meteorologist did a great job of identifying a cell that was looking like it could produced a tornado and it did . that happened just before they were alert it was coming through. a lot of the people took heed and see it on the air and take shelter and protect themselves before they were to get in harm's way. >> and halreporting for us
3:51 am
live in alabama. thank you for the update. coming up on the show. gun debate. newspaper printing names and addresses of everyone with licensed handguns. is this legal? >> zero dark 30 and one cia agent said one major thing is missing . he knows because he was involved. that agent is next. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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>> gretchen: the movie zero dark 30 is stirring up controversy. >> you believe that story, osama bin laden? >> yeah. >> what part. her confidence. >> gretchen: the c.i.a. came out and called the movie inaccurate . the next guest sees several problems with the film. >> joining us is c.i.a. operate identify wayne simmons. welcome to "fox and friends". >> always a pleasure. >> good morning. >> we'll dive in the
3:55 am
discrepation. you say things are wildly inaccurate whampt about the torteur tactics? >> first of all. i don't believe in enhanced interrogation. you know my position. that is not torteur and water boarding is a technique used to gain valuable information, number one . that certainly was not the major reason or a major reason that we were able to find osama bin laden. i think that though it is usual that a director of central intelligence or acting director mike morell who is an intelligence pro felt he needed to respond to the movie because that it was portrayed as a documentary and it is it fiction. that is not to say that the movie is not a fun move yegoing to do well and you believe probably have a good
3:56 am
time watching it. but it is fantasy. time lines are off and pror trayal of c.i.a. operatives is off and according to acting director murrell it gives three people credit and i can tell you from personal experience after serving my time as a senior intelligence officer in kabul that every man and woman who put boots on the ground in afghanistan and possibly in pakistan, force and army and nave yemarines and who ever it is. certainly multiple intelligence networks have given a great deal not only of time and effort but of life over a decade to find this guy and kill him. >> gretchen: let's read a statement from the film makers about the torteur tactics. no single method was necessarily responsible for
3:57 am
solvinglet manhunt nor can any seen taken in isolation fairly capture. does that do it for you, wayne? >> no. i don't think stow. i think it is such gretchen and clayton. it was a historical event not in military history but to a lot of the american to get this guy. not a defining moment, but certainly an important moment . i think if you are going to make this movie, that i think that it could. you just needed a disclaimer and making sure people understood it was not factually accurate and there were creative liberties taken. >> gretchen: all right. >> wayne, simmons. great to see you. former c.i.a. operate identify weighing in. >> always my pleasure. >> gretchen: coming up to "fox and friends". shelling out new money for new tax. that will start next week and
3:58 am
we'll break down the numbers for you. >> this is not what you want to hear as i travel. scanned in the airport, the tsa is laughing at you. an employee spilling the secrets of the scanner in the top of the hour. hum. ♪ ♪ okay, here's the plan.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, the middle of the week, december 26. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for spending your post-christmas day with us today.
4:01 am
aloha, hawaii, and ma halo, president obama heading back, off the fiscal cliff. will it happen? >> rick: deadly winter storm unleashing snow and rare tornadoes across parts of the country. now thousands are cleaning up and holiday travelers are stuck. i'm tracking where the storm is heading next. >> clayton: want to go to president obama's inauguration next month? why it will be easier than last time, a lot easier than last time. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson with clayton and rick. great to be back with you. >> clayton: did you have a good christmas? >> gretchen: i did. >> clayton: is it going to be a excite one toward the end of the
4:02 am
year? all of these people trying to leave the in-laws house. >> rick: we learned the other day that gretchen loves her in-laws. >> gretchen: exactly, because there was a study and the mother-in-law takes the hit. >> rick: there must be a few people who say i can only handle three days of her. i can't go home -- >> gretchen: are you going to help them out. >> rick: you might have to spend four or five days there, get ready. find some way tie a break. there will be really big storms. >> gretchen: let's talk about this morning with an extreme weather alert. deadly storm system that slammed the midwest, snow and tornadoes heading northeast this morning. >> oh, my god, look. that's a tornado. oh, wow. oh, jesus, look at that tornado. >> gretchen: so that tornado spotted in mobile, alabama. am i saying that correctly? >> rick: yeah. mobile. >> gretchen: okay, good. one of the hardest hit cities, tens of thousands of people there waking up the day after
4:03 am
christmas now without power. >> when it calmed down, we looked and everything seemed green, like it was popping off transformers left and right. we heard a noise. i took off and start walking down here. >> gretchen: the strong winds tossed these cars on top of each other. this is mcneil, mississippi. left this neighborhood a complete disaster. let's go to pennington, texas, where toppled trees lined the road and responsible for killing at least one person. >> i've never seen one in real life and just to be able to hear one from that far away, about a mile from where we are, you could still hear it. it was pretty amazing. >> gretchen: farther north, blizzard warnings in effect. oklahoma got seven inches of snow all over the state. the weather also being blamed for a massive 21-car pileup on interstate-40. no one seriously hurt. as of right now, we're learning 357 flights have been canceled in just a few minutes, we'll get a live report from the airport with the latest delays.
4:04 am
>> clayton: itinerary change for president obama. he's cutting his hawaii vacation north. later he'll head back to the white house to work on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. peter doocy live in washington with more on the last-minute deal making. hey, peter. >> hey. president obama is still going to be able to squeeze in one more day of vacation in hawaii before he leaves his wife and daughters hyped and boards air force one for dc at about 10:00 p.m. in honolulu, 3:00 a.m. eastern time. that should get him back to the white house sometime tomorrow, thursday morning, on the back end of a break he says he hopes will get lawmakers on the same page. >> everybody can co- opt, drink egg nog, have christmas cookies, sing some christmas carols, enjoy the company of loved ones and then i'd ask every member of
4:05 am
congress, while they're back home, to think about that. think about the obligations we have to the people who sent us here. >> speaker of the house, john boehner, is expected to come back to washington at any time as well. before he went back to ohio and president obama went to hawaii, they were believed to be about $400 billion apart in spending cuts and tax increases. speaker boehner even had to withdraw the so-called plan b measure in the house that would raise taxes on millionaires, but keep them low for everyone else because there just wasn't enough gop support in the house. but even after all that, the speaker says this weekend he thought lawmakers could still steer us away from the fiscal cliff. >> of course, hope springs eternal. and i know we have it in us to come together and do the right thing. we'll continue to work with our colleagues and the congress and the white house on a plan that forgets families and businesses. >> we don't know if president obama will make it back to
4:06 am
hawaii to finish his family vacation. we're told it all depends how negotiations go. back to you. >> gretchen: peter doocy live in d.c thanks very much. >> rick: are you ready for your taxes to go up? we've been talking about the fiscal cliff and we know that potential huge tax increase for us. even if they come up with a way, your taxes are going up. >> clayton: because of obamacare and the spending we're about to put forth for that is going to go into effect in 2013. we went through this. we'll start at the top because a 3.8% surtax on investment income will take place. 3.8% on individuals for $200,000 or married couples with a $250,000 a year income. >> gretchen: also a cap on the flexible and spending accounts that maybe you have become accustomed to. remember those are tax free dollars you can take out of your paychecks ahead of time to pay for medical expenses and even in some cases, daycare.
4:07 am
there is going to be changes to that now with new caps. >> clayton: limited to $2,500. >> rick: really? that low. >> clayton: that low. start not guilty january. >> gretchen: that's the most you can put in those accounts if you've put in more in the past and you signed up for your health care plans you know that has been capped off. also increase in medical deduction threshold, added medicare payroll tax and tax on medical devices. >> clayton: this is an interesting thing. i have a lot of friends who work in the medical device community. i hear from a close friend on a regular basis about it. over the weekend, on christmas, i saw the first ever medical device ad from striker for a knee replacement. they're having to advertise to get more word out about you don't go into the hospital and ask for this particular type of knee replacement. you get a knee replacement. but because these companies are going to be hit with this medical device sales tax now, there is a push by these companies to try to bring more awareness to their devices to make up from the losses. >> rick: the same way drug
4:08 am
companies market their drugs for whatever on tv, that we've gotten used to alt commercials and warnings. >> gretchen: that they read really fast at thend. >> rick: there will be that same thing with medical devices. >> clayton: they shouldn't have to advertise these things. it's not like buying a car. prescription drugs and all these sorts of things. this is where we are now with our health care system. look for that sales tax to be to have an exact oven us as we watch our advertising change. >> gretchen: let's get in some headlines. a major u.s. military base coming under attack in afghanistan. homicide bomber blowing up a vehicle at the gate of camp chapman, not far from the border of pakistan. three afghans are dead. nato says the homicide bomber did not make it inside the base. investigators combing the scene of a christmas eve ambush where two firefigers died and they have made now a grisly discovery. another victim dead inside this home. the body believed to be the missing sister of ex-con william
4:09 am
singler. they say her brother set a deadly trap for first responders, a plan that he detailed in a chilling note he left behind. new 911 calls are being released >> we're being shot at. multiple firing shots. assault rifles. we have multiple firemen down. working fire. >> gretchen: police say there was no clear motive except he wanted to kill as many people as possible. president obama being urged to help avoid a dock worker strike that would shut down more than a dozen east coast ports. business groups and lawmakers say a strike could cost billions of dollars and affect hundreds of thousands of jobs. a strike could begin this sunday after a current union contract expires. more than 14,000 workers handling 95% of the cargo on the east coast expected to walk off the job. his first inauguration drew
4:10 am
1.8 million people. but it will be a lot easier to find a room for president obama's second inauguration next month. the capitol expecting less than 800,000 people this time around. many hotels say they still have rooms available and at cheaper rates. inauguration day is january 21. those are your headlines. >> clayton: as we mentioned, at least 357 flights have been canceled today. so what can travelers expect? katherine is live at logan airport in boston with more on those flight delays. hey, katherine. >> yeah, good morning. i went into logan very early this morning around 4:30. lots of travelers getting on their way. so far, so good. a lot of them have not been affected by the storm, at least not yet. two flights to dallas from boston were canceled this morning and two flights to columbus from boston have been canceled. that storm we're talking about is moving into the ohio valley right now and there is a blizzard warning in effect from arkansas to ohio. this storm wreaking havoc on a lot of places already across the
4:11 am
nation. oklahoma city got freezing rain, also parts of texas got snow, including dallas and amarillo. that storm is now pushing in towards us here in new england. right now logan, not a lot of flights affected. but as you mentioned, nationwide, there have been over 3030 flights canceled or delayed now. that is only expected to get worse in our area as the storm inches closer. for those of us here in boston, we're expecting a little bit of everything. heavy wind, heavy rain, even a little bit of snow. it will vary depending where you are in new england and, of course, those flight cancellations will be a big problem for travelers either heading home from christmas or heading out on vacation to warm destinations. back to you in new york. >> clayton: thanks very much. >> gretchen: that's not good news. >> rick: that's not. >> gretchen: you're getting out of town just in time. >> rick: hopefully. >> gretchen: the weather guy always does, right? >> rick: plan ahead. coming up, the gun debate is taking a nasty turn. a newspaper printing the names and addresses of everyone with licensed hand guns.
4:12 am
is this even legal? >> gretchen: definitely not what you want to hear with while you're being scanned at the airport. the tsa is laughing at you? an employee is spilling the secrets of a scanner, straight ahead [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all youeed is a magic carriage.
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4:14 am
>> gretchen: 14 minutes after the top of the hour. did you hear about this story? a new york newspaper facing criticism for posting the names and addresses of people with manned gun licenses in two counties on-line. the newspaper says the information was obtained through public records and defends publishing it. lots of folks in that community and elsewhere outraged. attorney and policy advisor
4:15 am
michael barns joins me from washington to explain. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: first of all, is this even legal for a newspaper to -- i know it's legal for them to get the public record information of who is license to do own a gun, but is it legal for them to post it for everybody else to see? >> the newspaper has the legal right to do so, but that doesn't mean that it is right to do so. in fact, i think that the newspaper's actions were very divisive as part of this community and also dangerous. publication of these names and addresses of individuals who possess guns gives them a list to any criminal of the houses who have guns in case they want to find a low security environment in which to go and steal weapons. new york has a problem with terrorist cells. so we also know which houses don't have guns. this is a severe danger to the community that this newspaper has brought about. >> gretchen: like i'm thinking, let's say now that somebody goes to rob one of these homes that they know they don't have guns, let's say something horrible happens, do those homeowners
4:16 am
then have a lawsuit against the newspaper? >> you know, i don't necessarily think so. but i do think it would be smart for the homeowners and the gun owners to give notice to the newspaper that they fear for their security and their safety, that of their families and they would ask their -- the names and addresses be unpublished for purposes of safety. that's the minimum they can do at this point and ask for a written response from the newspaper. >> gretchen: very interesting. let's read the statement. this is from the journal news, the newspaper. the massacre in newtown, connecticut remains top of mind for many of our readers. our readers are understandably interested to know about guns in their neighborhood. we possibilitied the names and addresses of residents who are licensed to own hand guns through routine freedom of information law public records request. michael, that makes -- does that implicitly assume that anybody who owns a gun is going to go off on some massacre like what we saw up in connecticut? >> well, yes. this list exposes an inherent bias among the publishers and editors of this newspaper that somehow own ago hand gun is
4:17 am
socially unacceptable. using the tactics of the extreme left to try to embarrass or bully or to try to convince these people that whatever they're doing that's inconsistent with the beliefs of the publisher is somehow unacceptable. we certainly want to insure that there is a right of all constitutional rights to be able to possess hand guns, as well as be able to speak about whatever you want to publish whatever you want. in this case, you have to preserve the right of these individuals who are license to do own a particular firearm. they've taken a course in one of these counties, in westchester county. they have to take a course in order to get their hand gun license. these are law abiding citizens. they shouldn't be treated like they should be shunned or shamed and that's the purpose of this list. >> gretchen: to point out, this list shows who doesn't have a hand gun. i think that almost puts them at severe danger. >> again, i think this is something that we really need to pay attention to because we're dealing with first amendment
4:18 am
rights, supreme court in 2008 stated that individuals have a right to possess a hand gun in the home. we've got new york licensing laws that people are complying with. so there is no excuse for this newspaper to try to shame and shun these individuals into not owning a gun. >> gretchen: michael barns, attorney and policy advisor. thanks for breaking that down for us. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, remember the four state department officials who were supposed to be out of a job over the benghazi, libya bungle? well, there is a fine line somewhere in all of this. they're about to come back. plus, did you get a gift card to someplace that you don't want to shop? can you imagine that? well, how can you turn it in to cold hard cash? we'll tell you how coming up next.
4:19 am
4:20 am
4:21 am
>> rick: to us any bithe numbers. first, 1427 miles. that's how the world's longest
4:22 am
high speed rail is. it debuted in thigh china. it can valve at 120 miles per hour. next, 89 years. that's the age of the representative ralph hall, of texas who became the oldest serving house member of all time. he came to congress in 1981 as a democrat, but became a republican in 2004. finally, 110,000. that's how many people called norad to find out where santa was. they say that broke last year's record. clayton? >> clayton: thanks. did you get a handful of gift cards you can't use or gifts you don't want this christmas? you're not alone. today is the day to turn the unwanted gift cards into cash. consumer savings expert is here with great tips this morning. good to see you. hope you had a great christmas. >> i did, thank you. >> clayton: let's dive in here. number one, you say register your gift cards. >> right. it's really important to go on-line and register that gift card so that if it gets lost or stolen, that you can recover it. you can go on-line to the retailer's web site, or you can
4:23 am
also actually register it at they have a yourwallet recovery tool which will alert you and give you tips on how to recover that gift card if it gets lost or stolen. oftentimes you can bring the receipt to the retailer and they can reissue it. >> clayton: also on the screen we had exchange cards for cash. you can get cash for it? >> you would think it's an easy one to nail, but oftentimes you receive it for a store you don't have. you can go on-line to gift card and sell that gift card for cash. you'll get up to 92% of the value, so you lose a little bit, but sometimes that cash can go further than that gift card. otherwise you may consider exchanging it. >> clayton: nice. gift card exchange day which is today. >> it is. >> clayton: i don't shop at victoria secret. i don't want this. >> go to and they'll give you tips where to exchange it. since it is after the holidays,
4:24 am
they're more likely to exchange them. it's a great time to buy gift cards for less than their face value. >> clayton: what tips do you have for people not to go crazy when doing these right? >> first of all, i recommend organizing your receipts. you can use the one receipt app which let's you turn those paper receipts into digital files on your phone so when you are going into the store, you don't have to go through your purse or wallet looking for that paper receipt. you can access it on your phone. and then also review the return policies. you want to make sure that you have enough time to return it if you're traveling now. you might not be able to get to the store. make sure you can do it with a month or two leeway. then you want to make sure there are no restocking fees, especially if the item is damaged. that retailer should not be charging you any restocking fee. so speak with their customer service rep. if you are received any on-line gifts, make sure you can bring them into the store so you don't have to pay shipping fees and
4:25 am
hold on to the packaging. try not to open up or rip tags off if you're not going to keep it. >> clayton: exchange plus. what is this? >> trying to get more from that exchange. so you bring in a shirt or a laptop that you're returning and you want to exchange it for something else, look for the sales. there will be huge mark downs now. retailers trying to move goods, make room for spring and summer merchandise or new models. you're going to find lots of sales. be on the lookout. you still want to price compare. you want to treat exchanging gifts just like you would being a savvy shopper, use price look for coupons and different ways to get savings. >> clayton: you say try to stretch injure cash with the coupons. how do i do that if i'm returning an item? >> if you're just returning an item and issued store credit, then hold on to the store credit until you see a sale come up. you can track sales with hukkster, a site that alerts if you a product you've been eyeing
4:26 am
goes on sale, then you can apply the store credit and maybe find a coupon at to help you get that good for the amount that the credit was issued to you. >> clayton: great. >> coupon codes and tons of sites like that. you can access them on your phone using coupon sherpa's mobile coupon app. >> clayton: we were talking about best and worst gifts we received. did you get a worst gift this year or terrible gift? >> i did. i'm going to apologize to my mom gift that she gave. she thought it was cute. it kind of creeped me out. i'm not going to lie. it's this cheese board with a mouse knife and then the mouse nest in the hole. >> clayton: so you put the knife in the hole. >> in the hole and the mouse's head kind of hangs out. so i wasn't sure how to react at
4:27 am
first, but i got the general consensus from my sister and brother that -- >> clayton: i think you chose the best way to react which is come on national television and put a photo up and blast it. i like that. great to see you. >> thank you. >> clayton: happy new year. we're so sorry, mom. >> she tried. >> clayton: she tried. not really. coming up on the show, blizzards, tornadoes turning deadly across the country. and that nasty weather moving east. we are tracking that storm. we also told you about federal aid for sandy victims filled with unrelated money for cuba and alaska. now we're finding even more pork stuffed into that. we'll tell you about it [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head?
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4:30 am
call now to save $300 on adt starting at $99 installed plus 15% off accessories. sale ends midnight january 2nd. >> rick: time for your shot of the morning. a husky that went missing nine months ago in phoenix finally reunited with its owner. a woman found contain more than 1,000 miles away in oregon running near a busy highway. a local humane society tracked down cane's owner by using his identity chip. that is a nice christmas gift if you get your pooch back after nine months. >> gretchen: let's go other headlines. 7:30 in the morning on the east coast, so much for taking action after the benghazi terrorist attack. exclusive report in the new york post reveals the punishment for four state department employees who didn't do their jobs could be bogus. we're told the assistants secretary of state eric boswell who resigned after a scathing report on the attack only gave up his appointed part of his
4:31 am
position. not his other duties. he and three other employees put on administrative leave will be allowed back on the job and back on the state department payroll. his job is supposed to be reporting the news, but nbc's david gregory has become the news for this. >> here is a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets. >> gretchen: the only problem is that washington, d.c. gun laws say that just carrying a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition is illegal. do you see police confirmed they are investigating if the magazine was real. nbc has not commented on the matter. many say the job the tsa does is a joke, but agents are more focused on laughing at you? a form tsa agent revealing co-workers regularly made fun of passengers in back rooms as they went through x-ray scanners and says he witnessed agents engage in inappropriate conduct. the unnamed agent sharing his secret in an on-line blog. he says he's not surprised since the tsa puts people right out of
4:32 am
high school in charge of some of these things. some of the $60 billion to cover damage from hurricane could be diverted down south now. this is a picture of the original request for money to recover from sandy. you can see lawmakers actually wrote by hand a request for an extra $5 million for southern states affected by hurricane isaac. they also requested an additional 400 million for areas affected by storms since 2011. the senate will vote on the bill later this week. rick? >> rick: there has been so many storms that have caused so much damage. really big storms right now that we're dealing with, winter storm warning and blizzard warnings and freezing rain warnings are currently in effect. 6 to 9 inches of snow are expected in the city. take a look at your temperatures right now across the northern plains. 22 in dallas. dallas, you got snow, major snow across areas of arkansas. energy is reporting 190,000
4:33 am
people still without power in arkansas from the storm. severe storms also the case, you see that line of storms moving across parts of florida now and georgia, it's going to get worse this afternoon. snow also continuing to fall and getting reports on twitter of someone saying they got 2 1/2 inches of snow in an hour across parts of indiana. very significant snowfall rates. today the tornado threat just moves to the east. parts of the northern half of the coastal areas of south carolina and the entire coastal area, north carolina. we could be seeing large tornadoes today. so we have to watch that one very closely. we'll certainly see wind for everybody and then inland, it's just a big snow storm. we'll see some areas maybe eight to 12 inches of snow across indiana and ohio and get ready in and across parts of the appalachians and northeast. we're talk being a really big snow storm, certainly biggest we've had so far this year. there is another one for saturday night into sunday. so get ready. your travel plans, not just the
4:34 am
next couple of days tough. but if you can't get out from that back log of it on friday, or friday into saturday, then saturday night and sunday morning. so really big problems for so many people. >> clayton: fun times. thanks. >> gretchen: let's go from weather to some tech help. luckily clayton is on the couch today. he'll answer some of your tech tweets that you've sent in. >> clayton: you can twitter them or via e-mail. here is one from lorraine. she writes, a tricky one. i'm a senior trying to find my photos on my brand-new ipad. my kids told me they were in a cloud somewhere. give me a break. where do i find my photos? >> lorraine, this is a little bit tricky. let me explain this to you. first of all, on your ipad, if you want to zoom in a little bit, you see the photos icon up there? it's a flower shaped device. tap that and that will launch your photos. but apple will store 1,000 of your photos for free in photo stream. when you take that 1001th
4:35 am
picture, the first one falls off the cliff. turn it on, any photos you've taken in your library or other iphone if you have it all synced up, they should all pop up without you having to do anything. make sure you're on the same high phi network, or over a cell network and you'll see them. yes, they are stored in a cloud, but you tie all your devices with that same user name and password and you should be fine. >> gretchen: here is an e-mail from norman, what does he want help with? >> he wants to know i got a large screen television, so presumably a flat panel, large screen television for christmas. only the upper part of the screen shows part of the picture. the rest of the screen is gray. it was fine earlier. okay. couple things may be at play. first before i tell you to take it back and make sure it's not broken. number one, someone may have hit the picture in picture button on your remote, so therefore it
4:36 am
puts up just the picture and the rest is blank because you haven't tuned to another channel yet, when you see picture and picture. you want to watch the game while you watch the chick flick. >> or two games at once. >> clayton: or you can now, on your remote and tv controls, change the aspect ratio of your television. so it may be squished. maybe raised too high. it may be zoomed in really tightly, so you're getting part of the screen. play with those settings first before you complain to customer service. chances are if it was working fine, someone hit an elbow on one of the buttons and did a zoom. >> rick: you don't really want to have to take that tv back 'cause that is a big thing. >> gretchen: no kidding. does your wife know how lucky she is? >> clayton: she is equally techy. >> gretchen: the two of you sit around and like try to outsmart each other on icloud? (pretty much. >> rick: clayton is incredibly helpful around here. i ask him tech questions all the time. >> gretchen: he doesn't just hate me for all those e-mails i
4:37 am
send? >> rick: every time, i'm like, can i do that. >> gretchen: the tsa scanners laughing. he's laughing at us. >> clayton: i know all your pass words. >> rick: this e-mail from michael in georgia. goat an android tablet. i'd like to watch dvd's, but can't figure it out. >> clayton: it's a little hard because to get dvd's physical media on a disk to your new tablet, it's like a three-step process. so first of all, you need to burn them onto your main computer. so burn them using a program like hand break. a free program. do a google search for hand brake. then once you have that program, you connect the usb cable to the bottom of your tablet to your computer and google has an android transfer program. down lead load it. it's a free media program drag the file to your tablet. it should show up as an external hard drive. if you don't want to deal with dvd's, 'cause that's the future, folks. we're getting away from them, google has the play store. that's where you can buy movies.
4:38 am
so if you have your favorite movies that you want to just keep digitally, go to the google play store and download your new movies now. >> gretchen: dvds are going to be a thing of the past? >> clayton: think about it. best buy is getting rid of cd's and moving away -- i guarantee new a year or two, you walk into a best buy, you won't see dvd's anymore. >> gretchen: wow. >> clayton: we saw the end of cd's there. >> rick: we just saw the end of vhs tapes. >> clayton: right. it's all digital now. >> gretchen: what about 8 track? >> clayton: you buy it on itunes or launch netflix to watch movies now. that's the wave of the future, folks. >> gretchen: here we are. we got to go with it or you fall way behind. >> clayton: e-mail me or find me on twitter. i will answer your questions hopefully. >> gretchen: you're so nice. back to the wild weather, one of the cities hardest hit by twisters was mobile, alabama. that's where we find wala report candice murphy. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. i'm out here in front of murphy high school, in the midtown
4:39 am
mobile area here in alabama. if you look behind me, you can see this tree. it's called the grandfather tree. it has been torn apart. the branches have been pushed down to the ground now that it's daylight, we're getting a better idea of just how severe the damage is. behind me you can see the historic high school is built in the 1920s. some of the shingles have been torn from the roof. the windows are busted in. this is murphy high school, mobile, alabama. if we come over here, you can see this sign right here -- the metal has been warped. we were out here earlier last night around 6:00 o'clock eastern time and the power on this street still out right now. you can see that the tops of the trees have been damaged. it looks like they've been pruned and behind me there is still a police officer blocking part of south kalorn street down here. behind that police officer, there is a massive tree that has just crashed to the ground.
4:40 am
's blocking the roadway. there is houses back there where the roofs have just been torn off. i spoke with a man last night. he said he was actually going to videotape the tornado which he's always been advised not to do. he came out and saw the tornado coming towards him, ran into his home, huddled with his wifement he said it was over in seconds, but it sounded like a bomb exploding. he said he came out here and it was just a war zone. a lot of power lines down. you can see there is just debris covering this area. there are some power crews out this morning trying to get some things back into shape, trying to get power back in this area. definitely a lot of work ahead. we don't have any deaths at this time that we're aware of. so definitely some good news there. back to you. >> rick: thanks so much. we appreciate it. good luck to you with all the clean-up they'll have there. you hear of tornadoes on christmas and you think that's very scary. last night i was watching this and watching it happen and
4:41 am
talking on fox report and i heard about a tornado hitting a school. and i thought, it's the one time when i'm glad it's christmas 'cause there is nobody in that school and any kind of faculty or teachers. one bright side and nobody being significantly injured really remarkable that kind of tornado. >> gretchen: good thing you're around today for all those updates. coming up on "fox & friends," a voters approve making pot legal. one town's plan to fight back now is to sue the residents? we'll tell you about that. >> clayton: get pumped up. our next guest has a 28-day plan that will help you transform your mine, body and spirit a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive.
4:42 am
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your bodies. it began eight million customers ago, and it continues every time one of our sleep professionals rejects the notion of the mass-produced human, and helps another person find their sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. save 50% on the final closeout of our silver plus special financing through new year's day. >> clayton: welcome back. quick headlines. the smell of marijuana coming from one michigan home is so strong it's making people physically sick. neighbors reportedly filed a lawsuit saying the pot smell violates local laws against offensive odors. and another ipad already? reportedly prepping a thinner, lighter, fifth generation ipad that shares some of its designs with the smaller ipad mini. so it would be as thin as this ipad mini.
4:45 am
it's rumored to be out in march. we will see. they just launched the ipad 4 in the fall. >> rick: buy a new one! >> gretchen: never ending. >> rick: it never ends. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. if you're looking to make a fresh start for 2013, our next guest has come up with a physical and spiritual workout that nourishes both body and soul and includes an easy 28-day plan to make it all possible. >> rick: donna richardson joiner is the author of "witness to fitness" and a member of the president's council on fitness, sports and nutrition. welcome, and thank you for get up this morning. you were on this council for both president bush and president obama, so you are well equip to do talk about this. >> yes, i am. i'm honored to serve and help people to have better health because it's not just a physical thing in terms of losing weight. i believe it's spiritual as well. >> gretchen: so you say you have to start by transforming your mind. what do you mean? >> i think we have to have a
4:46 am
paradigm shift because if you change your thinking, your actions will follow. i also believe that you really have to focus in on what you really want. you have to get to a point where you can sir and tired of being sick and tired. you have to want to change more than you want to stay the same. >> gretchen: it's so interesting. i remember when oprah lost that weight, she said it's a lifestyle change. is that what you're talking is about? >> this is about a lifestyle. it starts with changing your mindset and partner that with your faith because i believe it's not just the physical part of it, but mental, it's spiritual. you have to believe it in your heart. you have to believe it in your spirit. and i will say personally, i believe that with god, all things are possible. >> rick: when we generally start a new year and we all want to lose weight or have some sort of fitness goal, but we make that our goal, you're saying in order to have success, it can't just be about i'm going to exercise a certain amount of times or eat a certain amount of calories? >> i think it has to be
4:47 am
integrated, mind, body and spirit. a lot of us will start the new year saying, okay, i got to lose weight, and we start, but the problem comes to stick with if. i remember my pastor once saying, you can not conquer what you are not committed to moving forward. >> gretchen: great point. >> so it's not the easiest thing to do, to lose the weight, to improve your health, but i think when you combine faith, when you combine fitness and healthy foods, you are sowing good seeds so you can have healthy returns. >> gretchen: you have this 28-day witness to fitness kind of a program. daily workouts, daily meal plans and recipes, scriptures. >> yes. >> gretchen: so people can find that in your new book? >> right. i think that it's important to have a blueprint. you have to have a plan and work the plan. so in that 28 days, you have daily workouts that you can mix and match. you have easy to prepare recipes, 'cause we all need that, but it has to taste yummies. scriptures to help motivate you
4:48 am
and success stories that will encourage you. and also thought of the day. we need to be energized and invigorated. >> rick: you say that part of this also has to come because you have to treasure your body as your temple. >> yes. i think so often we don't realize that health is a gift and we tend to -- i'm going to be honest -- trash our temple and we should treasure it. i remember john had health problems. he would go to the doctor. the doctor gives him -- you need to eat healthier and be more physically active. the one thing he could not embrace was the workout part. so the doctor just said to him, look, you either work out one hour every day or you don't work out and you're not going to be as physically active mentally, spiritually, and even physically. so i think the doctor was trying to say, you either work out one hour every day or it's over, you no he.
4:49 am
or you're dead every hour of every day. i hate to say it like that, but we have to embrace our health. >> gretchen: let's look at a good news, optimist way. this is a picture of somebody you helped. look at all that weight that she lost. 250 pounds? >> yes, she did. >> gretchen: wow. check out that is what she used to wear. then she whittled her way down and she's kept it off. >> right. >> gretchen: check out the new book "witness to fitness." you got to like your plan. thanks so much. >> thank you all. >> rick: thanks so much. all right. you just dumped your boyfriend. now he wants to be your best friend. is that normal or nuts? dr. ablow is here. >> gretchen: and want to save more money in the new year? how about adding to your 401(k)? we'll show you how you can do it [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
4:50 am
by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:52 am
>> clayton: forget black friday. today you may find the biggest deal of the year and shoppers are already lining up. ray is live outside the fashion square mall in orlando, a mall i know very well. and it used to be packed and you can't move. ray, is it packed at this hour?
4:53 am
>> at this hour, people are steadily trying to fill these parking lots and enter into the mall. actually it's not expected to open until 9:00 o'clock this morning. macy's opened at 7:00 a.m. this morning. that parking lot is already starting to build up. of course, like you mentioned, people want to take advantage of the after christmas deals. analysts say some items could be marked down 60, 70, even 80% off. that's all due to particular numbers that came out that shows that holiday shopping sales are very dismal between the periods of october 28 and december 24. in fact, they've only seen three quarters of a percent increase when it comes to shopping sales and they were hoping for a 3 to 4% increase. people are expected to fill up these parking lots to take advantage of these deep discounts. so you should take advantage also. we'll send it back to you in new york. >> gretchen: thanks so much for that update. now it's time to find out something we ask every week.
4:54 am
>> clayton: that's right. am i normal or nuts? it's a question everyone asks once in a while and we ask it every week. >> gretchen: joining us is fox news contributor and psychiatrist, dr. keith ablow. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: let's start with the number one e-mail, mom in denial over son's disability. my grandson is autistic, three years old. he gets great treatment, but my daughter is in denial about his condition. she never admits he has a special condition. is this normal? >> well, it's understandable. denial is understandable, but it isn't normal. people who love each other don't leave each other in denial and so you open a discussion and say something like listen, it's got to be tough and parenting a child with challenges and you can talk to me about it. so you open up that line of communication in as gentle a way as you can. but you open it up.
4:55 am
>> rick: all right. another letter came in and said, more often than not, whenever i see an emergency vehicle, my heart starts pounding. i get teary eyed and makes me think about someone being in trouble or someone hurt. is this nuts? >> again, empathy is normal. even extreme sensitivity is normal. but this is overboard. this is not normal. this is somebody who is too highly sense advertised to the suffering -- sensitized to others. you have to figure out in your own life what left your nerves so frayed that you can resonate with other people? that's a kind of gift. but here it's a bit of a curse. therapy is the answer here. psycho therapy can give you a clarity. >> clayton: like jerry's girlfriend on seinfeld who cries alt time. >> gretchen: i'm nervous about the next one.
4:56 am
>> it would be a bad omen. >> clayton: i just got out of a relationship and i thought he was the one. now that we have broken up, he's acting like he's my best friend. what's going on here. is this normal? >> well, this is -- it's normal, to my way of thinking. because listen, we always want to abandon each other when the romance leaves these relationships. but in fact, if he was the one, and now the romantic part isn't there anymore, well, what's left should be the best friend part. so he seems to be the real deal. it's just that the romance is gone for now. that doesn't mean it's gone forever, by the way. you never know. >> clayton: let's be honest. that friendship is not going to last forever. [ laughter ] weather one of them starts dating someone else, those phone calls won't be happening too much. if you have a question for dr. ablow. >> i don't know about that. >> clayton: log on to our web
4:57 am
site. he can shoot it down. e-mail your thoughts and questions to him. he'll answer them every week here on the show. >> gretchen: all right. if we don't see you, happy new year and all the best in 2013. >> yes. all of you should call an old boyfriend or girlfriend today. >> clayton: my wife would love that. >> gretchen: yes. that would be news for my husband as well. thank you. >> advice from dr. ablow. >> gretchen: was that normal or was that nuts? we'll see you next year. >> take care. see you next year. >> gretchen: okay. >> rick: next up, forget shutting down fannie mae and freddie mac, the bankrupt mortgage agency adjusted something that will put even more of your tax dollars at risk. >> gretchen: plus, it looks like an ordinary hat. this dad quickly learned it was a gift of a lifetime. bankamerid cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, evertime.
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, december 26, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time post christmas with us today. it's back to business now after a quick christmas vacation. the president heading back to washington from hawaii, which is six days -- with just six days to go before we fall off the fiscal cliff k. a compromise be reached or is it too late to cut a deal? we'll go live to dc moments away. >> rick: a winter storm turned deadly, unleashing snow and rare christmas day tornadoes across much of the south. now thousands are cleaning up and christmas travelers are
5:01 am
stuck. i'm tracking where the storm is ming next. >> clayton: gun debate taking a nasty turn. a newspaper published the names and addresses of gun owners for all to see. is it fair or legal? "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson joined by clayton morris and rick reichmuth from the weekend "fox & friends" team today. glad to have both of you here today. >> clayton: nice to be here. we hope you had a wonderful christmas and maybe you're out shopping this morning and you're dealing with getting out in the weather. is it going to be bad, rick? >> rick: it is. the eastern part of the country and western part, there is new storm out west again. it seems to be the coasts that are really getting it. although yet across parts of the southern plains. it's a rough day. it's been rough. maybe another three days that we'll be dealing with storms, unfortunately. >> clayton: more on that in just a moment. >> gretchen: let's say aloha and
5:02 am
mahalo, hello again, washington. a change of plans for president obama. he's cutting his vacation short, coming back to the white house as the nation is just days away now from potentially going over that fiscal cliff. peter doocy live in washington with the details. good morning, peter. >> good morning. president obama is still going to be able to squeeze in one more day of vacation in hawaii before he leaves his wife and daughters behind and boards air force one for dc at about 10:00 p.m. in honolulu. 3:00 a.m. eastern time. that should get him back to the white house sometime tomorrow morning on the back end of a break he said he hoped would help lawmakers get on the same page. >> everybody can cool off. everybody can drink some egg nog, have some christmas cookies, sing some christmas carols, enjoy the company of loved ones, and then i'd ask
5:03 am
every member of congress while they're back home to think about that. think about the obligations we have to the people who sent us here. >> speaker of the house, john boehner, is expected to come back to washington at any time as well. before he within back to ohio and president obama went to hawaii, they were about $400 billion apart in spending cuts and tax increases. speaker boehner even had to withdraw the so-called plan b measure in the house that would have raised tax rates on millionaires, but kept them low for everyone else just because there wasn't enough gop support in the house, although even after that, the speaker said this weekend he thought lawmakers could still steer us away from the cliff. >> of course, hope springs eternal and i know we have it in us to come together and to do the right thing. we'll continue to work with our colleagues in the congress and the white house on the plan that protects families and small
5:04 am
businesses. >> we don't know at this point if president obama is going to make it back to hawaii to finish his family vacation. we're told that all depends on how negotiations go. back to you in new york. >> clayton: how will those negotiations go with the politics? that's the debate now. is washington the most polarized that it's ever been? some senators saying they've never seen this kind of polarization before in their entire time there. in fact, senator joe lieberman leaving office now in sort of an exit interview, saying he's never seen it more polarized. >> gretchen: he's calling the partisanship a cancer. here is a quote from the article in that interview. i'm not saying i was always right, i'll leave that to god and history. but i believed i was doing what i thought was right and people didn't just disagree with me. there was hatred. but i'm not alone in that. you can take the last three presidents, clinton, bush, obama and people haven't just disagreed with them, they've hated them. to me, that's really terrible.
5:05 am
that's a cancer that's eating at our politics. >> rick: he also said that even with the last three presidents being worse than he's ever seen, the last two years have been absolutely the worse that there has been an amount of inability to work together and compromise and it's completely stopping our system from making progress. >> clayton: he's been praised by republicans and democrats, but also vilified by both republicans and democrats, thinking he's grand standing and an opportunist. i read his book called "in praise of public service." i love to read all the politicians books when they came out. he believed that no -- >> gretchen: i liked that -- >> clayton: it was a thin back. i could get through in a flight with big type and wide margins. he talked about -- he didn't think we needed any sort of caps or term limits. he believed that we should have it open ended. >> gretchen: really? >> clayton: he believed it was a duty to serve your country in
5:06 am
this way in public life, working in congress. now he's leaving because he feels like he can't do any more. that really says something, from what he wrote that book a few years ago to now how he feels how polarized it's become. it's got to be a big switch for him. >> rick: he has a long history. he was initially elected in the connecticut state senate in 1970. so 42 years he's been in public service. >> gretchen: 70 years old, now he's retiring. now it's time to look at weather situations. >> rick: look at the massive storm moving east. >> clayton: as dozens of christmas tornadoes terrorized the south last night. take a look. >> oh, my god, look. that's a tornado. oh, wow. look at that tornado. >> clayton: she was right. it was a tornado. eyewitness watching this monster trample through mobile, alabama. thousands of people waking up without power. >> when it calmed down, we looked and everything seemed green, like it was popping off transformers left and right and
5:07 am
heard the noise and i took off and started walking down here. >> clayton: brutal winds tossed these cars on top of each other in mcneil, mississippi and left neighborhood a complete disaster zone. >> never seen one in real life and just to be able to hear one from that far away is about a mile from where we are. you can still hear it. it was pretty amazing. >> clayton: while toppled trees ended up killing two people in texas and louisiana, farther north, blizzard warnings were in affect. oklahoma got seven inches of snow all over the state. weather also being blamed for a massive 21-car pileup on interstate 40 there. no one was seriously hurt. it was icy roads. because woman died in another highway crash just nearby. so there is your weather roundup. is it going to get worse or better? >> rick: it was bad yesterday. it improves. it's just that the storm is moving toward the northeast. ohio valley, great lakes in the northeast this afternoon and much of the day tomorrow. it's going to be very, very rough. lots of airport cancellations.
5:08 am
very rough going on the roads as well. >> gretchen: more on that in a few minutes. in the meantime, the rest of your headlines. investigators combing the scene of a christmas eve ambush where two firefighters died and they made another grisly discovery. another victim dead inside the home. the body believed to be the missing sister of ex-con william spangler. police in webster, new york say her brother set a deadly trap for first responders, a plan he detailed in a chilling note he left behind. new 911 calls have been released >> we're being shot at multiple fire. multiple fires shot. multiple firemen down of the i think he's using an assault rifle. multiple firemen down. working fire. >> gretchen: cops say there was no clear motive in the suicide note except he wanted to kill as many people as possible. she traveled all the way to thailand to find peace, but unfortunately hasn't found it. according to the new york post, the mom of the three precious young girls killed in the tragic christmas day fire last year
5:09 am
says she still can't stop crying. madonna badger plans to visit an orphanage to give children the christmas gifts that would have been under her tree, but said it was too difficult. nine-year-old lily and 7-year-old twins, grace and sarah, were killed along with their grandparents in that horrible fire last year. the obama administration may be expanding its mortgage refinancing programs to include more borrowers now. the "wall street journal" reports expansion would apply to mortgages not backed by the government and for homes under water. that means more is owed than what your home is worth. 22% of all homes with a mortgage were under water at the end of june. another plan being considered would transfer riskier loans held by -- heart warming video of an alabama football fan getting a christmas gift he'll forget. >> we're going to the game, pop!
5:10 am
we're going to the game! [ laughter ] >> gretchen: daniel buchanan surprising his dad, don, with tickets to the bcs title game against notre dame. don with tears of jay as he can't contain his excitement. the game is january 7. my son asked for a bama t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, alabama, 'cause he loves that football team. he also asked for notre dame, just so you know. maybe he should be if congress. he was bipartisan. >> rick: smart phone. >> clayton: how about this story for quite of an outrape. imagine you're a gun owner, you wake up one morning, you live in rockland or westchester county in the new york area and you open up the newspaper and find your name and address published in the newspaper simply because you own a licensed gun. that's what happened here. >> gretchen: it did. it happened in the journal news which is the paper in westchester county in new york,
5:11 am
just outside of new york city. we were asking the question, is it legal to do this? so apparently it is, the paper got the names by filing a freedom of information act. but is it the right thing to do? should this newspaper have published this? i could think of a myriad of things that are wrong with this. first of all, now bad guys and gals know where the homes are that have weapons, so if they want to find them, they can go there. and also people who don't have weapons are exposed. so will they become targets of crimes because now bad guys and gals know that these people can't defend themselves potentially in their homes? >> rick: it's striking outrage. somebody on twitter said this makes his blood boil. he says it puts the community in danger. listen to what he had to say. >> publication of these names and addresses of individuals who possess guns gives a list to any criminal of the houses that have guns in case they want to find a low security environment in which to go and steal weapons. we also know which houses don't have guns. this is a severe danger to the
5:12 am
community that this newspaper has brought about. this list exposes an inherent bias among the publishers of this newspaper thioning a hand gun is socially unacceptable. we have laws that they're complying with. so there is no reason for this newspaper to shame and shun individuals into not owning a gun. >> clayton: it's like someone with a past criminal record. you could just one day decide to publish all this information about families living in your area because the newspaper's justification for this i don't think passes the smell test. they said they told its readers are understandably interested to know about guns in their neighborhoods because of the conversation about gun control on its web site after the shooting in newtown, connecticut last week. so the newspaper thought that because people were having a discussion about gun control, that they needed then to publish the names of people who were licensed hand gun owners. >> gretchen: implicit in that would be that if you legally own a gun that you might go on one of these massacres.
5:13 am
i just think that is really taking it a step too far when you see how many people are legally owning guns. doesn't mean that every person who owns a gun is going to do what happened there. >> rick: think about it, first of all, these are the people who legally own guns. you might think these other houses don't have guns. you really don't have any idea. >> gretchen: that's true. >> rick: if there is a legal gun in another home. this really becomes an issue when you break it down to your small community. it's one thing for us to be sitting there or read this list of names on a paper. but if you live on a cul-de-sac or block, you're going to study that list and say, janis has a gun down the street. your neighbors. that changes the dynamic of a neighborhood. >> clayton: it's none of your business, quite frankly. let us know what you think about this. you can e-mail us, also on twitter. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," forget the bad weather. it's the unions now threatening to cripple our ports. what they have planned could
5:14 am
spark another recession. we'll tell but that. >> rick: want to save more money this year? of course. fox business' laurie rothman with tips you can get started on today. next [ cellphone chirping ] [ buzzing ]
5:15 am
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: mother nature slamming indianapolis now with some serious snow. >> rick: wxin reporter joins you now. yvonne, what's it looking like? >> oh, you can see it. we've been out here for the last two hours this morning and we are really seeing things pick up in the last half our.
5:17 am
those white out conditions is the biggest issue now. you can see the wind hitting on my face. it hurts, i got to tell you. i'm going to show you how the roads were looking like this morning. traffic is going real slow. it was a lot faster earlier today. these whiteout conditions, visibility is probably less than a mile right now. we are going real slow here. i'm going to show you how much snow we've gotten the last half hour. we've been out here for two hours. we've been stepping on this all morning. now this is all completely covered over again. i would say this is probably two, three, four inches right here. so definitely we've been telling people all morning that if you don't need to be out here, definitely don't because we are feeling everything and we are in the thick of things. and this is only going to get worse. back to you guys. >> rick: yvonne, thanks so much. i've been out there so much. it's so cold and your lips don't want to talk because it's frozen. >> gretchen: you can relate. let's toss to the warm part of the studio where clayton is. >> clayton: thanks.
5:18 am
as we approach the end of the year and the looming fiscal cliff, it's more important than ever to straighten our your finances. here is "fox business" network laurie rothman. nice to see you. >> good morning to you. >> clayton: we always try to assess the family budget as we move into the new year. you start off with tip number one, money 101. just get back to the fundamentals. and what day say to do? >> this is what i'm expecting everybody to do as a given. now, given the fact that we don't know what our tax bill is going to be because of washington, it's important to maximize the contribution you're putting out to your 401(k) or any kind of retirement plan and manage your debt, pay down your debt. don't carry a heavy debt load. everybody should be doing that already. >> clayton: you can't not do this. maxing out your 401(k) if your company certainly matching up to 6 or 5%, whatever they're doing, this is free money and tax free that you're getting. >> absolutely. throw it another plan on top of your 401(k). do a roth ira. you can contribute 1,000 bucks plus per year tax free as well. that's a good idea.
5:19 am
>> clayton: you talk about knowing your goal. when you do this, you need to know your goal. >> this is fascinating. we're living long longer, which is wonderful. new statistics show we're living 30 years past the time we become eligible for social security. and keep in mind, social security is only designed to cover 40% of your annual income. , so you need to firm up your number for retirement. there are all kinds of calculators on-line to do that. social security administration estimator can do that. know what you're working that. egg said that, all right. how do you ramp up your investment? how do you maximize the amount of money that you're going to make from just buying stocks? you just buy stocks across the board because let's be honest, last couple of years, with interest rates so low, saving isn't paying anything. you need to invest in the market. expecting modest returns. stock market expected to outperform. but stocks in countries called more thanking markets, the brick countries, brazil, russia, india, even china, these economies are outperforming the
5:20 am
u.s. most experts continue them to do so. >> clayton: look in uncommon places for some things outside the country. also cut back on the starbucks. >> right. >> clayton: and brown bag it a little bit. i know my buddy was saying, i spend $10 a day picking up a coffee for myself and my wife. it's like 60 bucks a month. >> right. of that $10, $7, according to the "wall street journal," goes to rent and labor costs for the restaurants. it's no brainer. cut back on the restaurant bill. you can actually save money and do the math, reinvest it over the 20, 30 years you have ideally for an average worker now. that could add up to a mighty sum to put toward retirement. >> clayton: and almost pretend you're buying it by reinvesting it. taking that money and don't even pay attention to it. put it right into a savings account. >> yeah, buy stocks in it. >> clayton: finally, you talk about coming back on the -- cutting back on the cable and tv
5:21 am
and phone. people think they need these extra digital phone services at home and might not. >> smart phone obviously -- this is your area, very competitive environment now for the smart phones, the google, samsung. these guys want to negotiate with you. the carriers in particular. there are a lot of consumers. so you could get a deal there. also maybe dish the pay tv for internet tv. i know there is big news. amazon and netflix. but it's uncommon and "wall street journal" puts out fascinating math. if you can save $200 a month on your phone and cable, that's $2,400 a year. invest that over 20 years with a modest expectation of 4% gain, you can earn an extra $70,000 to put toward retirement. that's significant. >> clayton: $70,000, laurie rothman, bringing us great savings. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. happy new year to you [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
5:22 am
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>> gretchen: quick headlines now. major u.s. military base coming under attack in afghanistan. bomber blowing up a vehicle at the gate of camp chatman. the taliban claiming responsibility. can you relate to this guy? >> i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> gretchen: turns out you have a short temper, it may help you live longer. new study says people who express their anger instead of keeping it in add two years to
5:25 am
their lives. i'm so angry i'm not in this next segment, rick! okay. i feel so much better now. >> rick: traumatic brain injuries have become one of the most complex injuries a soldier can suffer in war. but thanks to donations, wounded warriors are able to find real help at the national intrepid center for excellence. here is the chairman and ceo, bill white. we just saw that story that was another base attacked in afghanistan. every time this happens, there are real people who are injured and it's different than in past wars. we say this so often, in past wars, people died. so many people are surviving in this war and that changes the dynamics. >> yeah. thanks for doing this and thank you to "fox & friends" for making this an important story. right after the holidays, we
5:26 am
have to remember we're still at war in two places. sandy has taken the nation as it should have taken care of what's going on over there and we still are a lot to do. but at this christmas time, we're asking america to be supportive of our troops. we've got about 300 to 600,000 coming back with these mental health injuries. we just had the commander of seal team 4 take his own life last week. we have a suicide a day. it's not great morning show stuff to talk about, but we know that when america hears the story, they will respond. so we're building nine satellite centers to address posttraumatic stress at all the major bases, fort reilly, fort hood, fort bragg, catch pendleton, which will address these issues and help those suicide rates come down. >> rick: what specifically can you do in these facilities that can make a difference? >> these are tremendous amounts because we have the nico facility we built. $65 million, 100% of every penny
5:27 am
goes to this effort. the doctors that have been operating that center have helped hundreds of families avoid suicide, avoid domestic violence, avoid the problems that come along with mental health illness. you're 19 to 24 years old, you served your country well. you come home. we ought to love on you and give that you support that you deserve. a lot of the guys that lost their legs or arms or things lee like that have said i'd rather have done that than lose my brain. so these are the unseen wounds of war that we're trying to help. >> rick: we often -- you often walk down the street and you see people who are missing limbs and you know they're a young guy and you know it's because of something that just happened to them in war. but these other ones you don't see. >> that's the thing. this traumatic brain injury is when these ied's go off. it's a bomb. and this shock wave comes out and rattles the brain, sometimes to the point where they can't remember their own children. think about that. all they want to do is come back and work and provide for their
5:28 am
family and be functioning in society. so these centers, we think, the military thinks, this is a great public-private partnership, will actually help reduce the suicide rate, will help to reduce those mental health issues. we're saying it's $100 million for our campaign. we've already raised almost $30 million. so america believes in this. every single penny that goes will go to building these centers. >> rick: so people are always very generous around the holidays for these things, but people now are planning their budgets for the next year. so this is something that you can budget for. how can people get money to this kind of organization. >> thank you. we go to where they can find information, how they can get involved. they can make a contribution on-line there. again, 100%. so i don't know many charities that can say that. we're very proud of that. the board covers the costs. arnold fisher, these great names. arnold will build these centers and if he had all the money, he
5:29 am
could build it in nine months. $70 million takes a couple of years, that's a lot of suicides we could reduce. >> rick: thank you so much for what you're doing. you do amazing work there and you're so dedicated. at the end much every e-mail it says hire a vet. next up, september 4, state department officials who were supposed to be out of a job over the benghazi bungle, well, they're back. do you attribute these illegal text messages to auto correct? pay attention because it may actually be a clue to a very scary health problem no fun to . now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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get a sptrum 2 by lg for $49.99 >> gretchen: time for your shot of the morning. super storm sandy washed away their memories, but a wave of kindness brought them back. a staten island couple in new york reunited with their wedding photos. after the storm, mary and lenny left their water logged albums on their lawn to be thrown out. but a bus driver found them and worked for five weeks to clean, dry and restore the photos on his computer. just last week, he surprised the couple with the finished product. that is such a great gesture. wow. what a wonderful thing, especially during christmas. >> rick: good guy. there is some severe weather to tell you about. this is sidney blumenthal i don't from amarillo -- video from amarillo, texas. four-inch in parts of the city, i-40 goes through the city, that causes all kinds of trouble.
5:33 am
indianapolis big storms. parts of arkansas saw over a foot of snow and with incredible wind causing big problems. so this is live pictures right here of indianapolis. take a look at that. >> clayton: that's really white. >> rick: there you see a car going by. >> clayton: i see blowing snow. >> rick: it's not good. somebody sent me an twitter last week saying, are we ever going to get snow in indiana? >> gretchen: well, there it is. >> rick: here is your snow, day after christmas. hopefully you're not trying to go home. look at the weather maps. you can see where it's going on. across the eastern part of the country. west not to leave you out, you have another storm coming. some of this will be severe and some will be snow. this snow is incredibly heavy. beginning to taper off across parts of missouri. a few more hours across illinois and parts of indiana. there is a threat of severe weather. they dropped the lower end from savannah to orlando. across parts of coastal areas of north carolina, could see a
5:34 am
tornado or two today and it could be a large tornado. watch out. these are the snowfall totals. the darker blue areas, you could see about a foot of snow. a little stripe across parts of indiana, into ohio. then tonight, all across much of new england, some spots there will be well in excess of a foot of snow. the cities will see a little bit of snow to start, but end up as mostly rain, except for portland. another storm behind this. this is what it looks like over the next 24 hours. you see the snow continuing to pull in throughout all of upstate new york. eventually into new england. it warms up and turns into rain in new york. but it's also going to be a windy storm. that wind kind of storm is what's going to cause big travel problems across the airports. blizzard warnings in the dark red, from parts of arkansas, snow is done there, but the snow on the ground will continue to blow around, causing whiteout conditions. winter storm warnings everywhere you see the pink, all the way up towards parts of maine. big storm, guys. >> clayton: wow. >> gretchen: ba humbug.
5:35 am
back to your headlines. oil prices rises after president obama says that he'll come back early to washington to work on n the fiscal cliff. lawmakers will rethink and avoid the cliff. there is expected to be slight economic improvement which is good news for energy consumption. fail to go reach a deal would mean tax hikes. oil prices dropped earlier this week over concerns about the cliff. so much for taking action after the benghazi terrorist attack. exclusive report in the "new york post" reveals punishment for four state department employees who didn't do their jobs are bogus. we're told that assistant secretary of state eric boswell who resigned after a scathing independent report on the attack only gave up his appointed part of his position. not his other duties. he and three other employees put on administrative leave will be allowed back on the payroll. president obama being urged to help avoid a dock workers
5:36 am
strike that would shut down more than a dozen east coast ports. business groups and lawmakers say if workers strike, it's going to cost billions of dollars and affect hundreds of thousands of jobs. it could begin this sunday after a current union contract expires. more than 14,000 workers handling the 95% of the cargo on the east coast are expected to walk off the job. could text messages help save someone's life? maybe so, according to a new study. boston's harvard medical school says jibberish texts could reveal early warning signs of a stroke and other neurological diseases. doctors call it distextia. they say it could be helpful for those who communicate more often by texting than speaking on the phone. what if you're a new iphone operator and you have idea what you're doing and then suddenly people think that you're speaking a different language? >> clayton: i'd be worried. i've seen texts from gretchen, she's going from a blackberry keyboard to iphone.
5:37 am
>> gretchen: imagine when that happens. it's going to be ugly. >> clayton: just because christmas is over doesn't mean the deals are over. today is expected to be a very busy day for gift returns and post-christmas deals. wtxt, stephanie espouse toe is live at cherry hill mall in new jersey with holiday shopping madness. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. nice to see you, too. it's been a busy morning, to say the least. some people lined up outside of the cherry hill mall since 10:00 o'clock last night and that's thanks to a new release at foot locker. four brand-new sneakers, a christmas edition. you can see just about the tail end of it. but several hundred people were here. they've been neatly and orderly, gotten the sneakers they want and everyone is shopping as usual. it opened at 7:00 o'clock and there is plenty of foot traffic. largely because of all of the sales. you can take a look. a lot of signs, clearance, buy one, get one half off.
5:38 am
it's been a little slow retail season. it's been the weakest increase since 2008. that was back when we were in a recession. so things not exactly picking up this holiday season. but thanks to a lot of sales after the fact, retailers doing what they have to do to boost those numbers. so back here live, the holiday sales are increasing. they're here to return and exchange that ugly sweater someone gave them that they didn't want and that's good for the retailers, 'cause they're playing catch up. back to you. >> rick: thanks so much. i hear that the numbers were down just a little bit from what they had anticipated and because of that, they think they will be bigger mark downs after christmas, which is great news for people. >> clayton: people waiting to go out and buy that car they were waiting for, all the car dealerships putting up huge sales right now at the end of the day. of course, yesterday you probably got great gifts and probably got bad gifts. what did you get? keep e-mailing us because we
5:39 am
have one tweet from an tony. he said, i received whole bean coffee. i don't even a coffee maker. thanks, mom. >> gretchen: oh, oh that could be a return. >> clayton: send it to me. i'll grind the beans. >> gretchen: that's right. i think that was in your honor. this tweet from emily. a best new laptop, worse husband gave me generic card that mother-in-law gave me. >> rick: the tweet from niecey. the worst, my uncle boughthimsed gave me his old ones. best, watching my kids open gifts. >> gretchen: my daughter last night said, mom, i think this was my favorite christmas ever. that means so much when your kids understand the meaning of christmas, but also appreciate their gift. i was not here friday because i was in ohio seeing any in-laws. i guess i missed ugly sweater day. >> clayton: this was the gift for you, so you didn't know you got a terrible gift. does this top your lift? >> gretchen: what do you think?
5:40 am
>> clayton: who gave this to you? >> gretchen: i have no idea. >> gretchen: that is horrible. >> clayton: this is awful like bill o'reilly. >> rick: if the person who gave this to you is watching, what would you like to say to them. >> gretchen: thank you. >> rick: is this part edible? >> gretchen: yeah, go for it. >> clayton: we gave one of our co-hosts one year an edible christmas committeer that had -- sweat that are had marshmallows. >> gretchen: in the hair and make-up room, they were trying to be nice and say, maybe your kids will want it. no, i think my kids wanted to draw a mustache on my face, right? >> clayton: save it for the ugly christmas sweater you're going to throw next year at your house. >> gretchen: exactly. >> rick: you'll get more use out of that then you think. >> clayton: if you have photos of your worst gift this morning, send them to us. we'll play some for you in the after the show show perhaps. >> gretchen: coming up, did you
5:41 am
know you can still save money on this year's taxes? the money moves you can make right now to get more from uncle sam in april. >> rick: will we be calling him senator affleck? the star making his decision about his run for john kerry's seat john kerry.
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> clayton: quick head lines.
5:44 am
it looks like there won't be a senate run in ben affleck's future. he announced monday he will not run for john kerry's senate seat in his home state of massachusetts. talk about a needle in a hay stack, a snow chain installer found this wedding republican just laying in the snow in california. he says a man told him he lost his ring while he was putting chains on his own tires. after he drove off, though, the worker spent quite a while digging through the snow, found it, but didn't get the man's name or address. if you lost a wedding ring, gretchen, call us. >> gretchen: okay. thanks. in five days, every american will get hit with five new taxes to pay for obamacare. for example, small business owners and some families will be seeing 3.8% tax on individual investment income. this while they'll also see an additional medicare payroll tax. for the first time ever, the government is capping how much money you can contribute to your flexible spending account. there is still time to save money on your taxes. the good news, we're joined by cpa and tax attorney marty, with
5:45 am
tips for your taxes. good morning to you, marty. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: what is your approach as we come to the close of 20 is it 12? -- 2012? >> first of all what, kind of taxes are you looking at? are you looking at income taxes or estate planning taxes? lot of people think i can give away $13,000 a year and that's going to save on income taxes. but that's really to reduce gift taxes in future for people who are wealthy or aren't hit by estate taxes. today we're going to talk about income taxes and the two parts to that is, do we want to save money in 2012 versus using those deductions for 2013 versus the different rates? then the third part of the approach is if we want to save, how are we going to do it? >> gretchen: what can do you to reduce your 2012 taxes? >> to reduce the 2012 taxes, you can -- first of all, up you have to decide -- >> gretchen: is it a good idea to do that? >> yeah. and you have to run your income. then the proverbial alternative minimum tax. there is an entire set of taxes
5:46 am
that there are two methods of tax. if you're doing that, you're in a lower tax rate and certain things are not deductible for the alternative minimum tax. you can't deduct state income taxes or real estate taxes. so you really need to run the numbers for both years, look at some of the rate changes that you are going to know about, such as 3.8% investment income, medicare tax and other things, then make those decisions. >> gretchen: unfortunately, we don't know exactly what tax rate anyone is going to have because we still are in the fiscal cliff thing. you do recommend prepay state income taxes? >> if you're not in the amt, prepay state income taxes, prepay real estate taxes because you can get deductions. if you're deciding you want to save tacks for 2012. >> gretchen: prepay your 2013 mortgage so it can be included in 20 is it -- 2012. >> you can't pay your february one, but you can pay your
5:47 am
january one because it's interest in december and you can get that additional deduction. usually pay it early enough so it gets on your form 1098. >> gretchen: people don't know about what kind of deductions they're going to be able to have in 2013, increase your charitable donations now. >> right. and for some people, you can increase it, i have a lot of clients who are saying, i'm going to give next year 'cause i know at least the 3.8 i'm going to pay more and 3.9%. but if you want to give this year and don't know who to give to, go to a donor advise fund. fidelity has some of these funds. >> gretchen: then it sits in this pool, but you get the benefits of the taxes for this year and then decide where you want to give after the fact. >> that's correct. >> gretchen: accelerate business expenses that are tax deductible. >> you can do retirement plans, you can pay bonuses to your employees. you can prepay your rent. you can still acquire fixed assets, computers, but you have to place them in service this year. you have to open the box and put the computer up on the thing.
5:48 am
which this is mostly for cash basis taxpayers. these are a lot of things they can do. >> gretchen: as an accountant, how nutso are you going without knowing what the tax codes are going to be for 2013? >> it really is -- we are going a little nuts, but the worst thing that's going to happen, and this is a problem with congress -- is that amt patch. the 2012 final amt is not determined because they don't know if the exemption will be 45,000 or 75,000. so basically the irs assumed it will get passed. but if it doesn't, the irs is telling people, you'll have to wait 60, 90 days for your refund, while we reprogram the system. i think it's unconscionable that we have a congress that hasn't passed something that should have been passed january 1, 2012. it really has nothing to too with the fiscal cliff. i'm looking now to congress and say, pass the amt patch today. >> gretchen: all right. we'll see if they're listening to marty, a cpa who is a little nutsoutrig to get everything
5:49 am
done before year's end. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: georgetown cup cakes secret ingredient this new year, champagne? we're showing you how it make the party even sweeter with sophie. yep, she's just one part of the team with our others and she's here hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. wicked weather like this wreaking havoc on airports across the country. what can travelers expect? wfxt's katherine is live at logan international airport with the latest op the travel nightmare out of boston. good morning. >> good morning, gretchen. the sun is shining on us here in boston. but flights already beginning to be affected by the storm. flights going to dallas, columbus and a few even going to la guardia this morning have already been canceled. i'm sure there will be more of those to come, especially when you look at what's happening across the nation. that storm is already hit oklahoma with freezing rain. texas with snow. now it's moving through the ohio valley where there is a blizzard warning in effect and it is moving our way for tonight and into tomorrow morning. here in boston, we're expecting
5:53 am
heavy rain and heavy wind. areas just to the west of us are expecting snow. in many places it could be several inches of snow. it is something travelers will be keeping an eye on and those lists of cancellations i'm sure will be growing as the day goes on here in boston. gretchen? >> gretchen: thanks very much for the update. let's go to the guys who are cooking up some cupcakes. >> thank you. >> clayton: their cupcakes are the toast of the town and now they can be the toast of your new year's eve party. >> rick: here to show us how to make champagne cupcakes is the founder of georgetown cupcakes and book "sweet celebrations," sophie. we're so glad you're here. i see you got this blender out of clayton's office. >> clayton: we're going to be making champagne cupcakes this morning. one of the first things you want to do is to get the batter together. >> in the mixer bowl you have butter and sugar creaming. tough on your web site. turn it on. on the other side.
5:54 am
>> clayton: it's been a while since i've used this. >> we have the butter: slowly add two eggs. add the eggs. now we're going to take turns adding some milk and vanilla and some all purpose flour, baking powder and salt. a little by little. add the flour. just you want to add a little dry and wet because you don't want to put too much pressure on the batter, that what makes them turn out light and fluffy. >> rick: i think we're a good baking team. >> you are. >> clayton: we need to write our own cookbook. >> the secret ingredient is champagne. so i like to rose. you can use your favorite of the this gift your cupcakes a kick for the holidays. you can also use sparkling cider instead. you guys are good.
5:55 am
when that's done, we're going to take them and scoop it in a pan. bake them for 18 to 20 minutes. if you're doing minis, it would be ten minutes. >> rick: here is my beef with cupcakes. clayton love them, but i think they're dry. >> the trick is err on the side of underbaking. you can always put them back in. and they continue to bake in the pan. if you bake mini, only bake ten minutes. they're going to come out like this or make the regular size. for new year's eve, it's fun to make these champagne cupcake desserts. you want to put one in your glass. and then top it with some butter cream frosting and some pain in the frosting did -- champagne in the frosting. >> clayton: is that not skill? >> yeah. definitely. put fudge on top. >> clayton: that's from work
5:56 am
mcdonald's machine. >> then we have -- do you want to support some champagne over the strawberryies. >> clayton: okay. >> perfect. >> rick: i'm going to squeeze in. >> and add some strawberries on top. >> clayton: some champagne in there. >> exactly. it's a fun way to present your dessert for new year's eve if you're having a party, people coming over. a nice twist on cup cakes. >> clayton: that's a great idea. >> you keep layering. >> rick: what about if you don't want any champagne? >> you can cut the champagne out and top it with a butter cream frosting and fudge and strawberries. >> clayton: we have all the recipes on our web site. on what is the name of the book again? >> "sweet celebrations." >> clayton: there is the book. sophie, thank you so much. rick and i will be having our own cookbook coming out soon.
5:57 am
>> those are pretty good. >> rick: more "fox & friends" coming up in two minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> clayton: welcome back. i've been answering some of your tech questions all morning. we continue to do that.


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